April 2023

FLUDD (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device) Inspired by Super Mario Sunshine

I started replaying Super Mario Sunshine™ on my Nintendo GameCube earlier this year, so I was inspired to make a few builds inspired by the game, the largest of which is just over 10″ tall, including the Shine Sprite base. This was a fun build since it incorporates a lot of newer round pieces such as 2×2 round tiles with holes, 2×2 round plates with single studs, 6×6 round plates, and 3×3 rounded macaroni bricks, and of course the Jurassic World Gyrosphere pieces that I used on my Gumball Machine a few years back.

This is my first build that I’m releasing concurrently with downloadable instructions, which you can get below:

Full Photo Album for FLUDD