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FLUDD (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device) Inspired by Super Mario Sunshine

I started replaying Super Mario Sunshine™ on my Nintendo GameCube earlier this year, so I was inspired to make a few builds inspired by the game, the largest of which is just over 10″ tall, including the Shine Sprite base. This was a fun build since it incorporates a lot of newer round pieces such as 2×2 round tiles with holes, 2×2 round plates with single studs, 6×6 round plates, and 3×3 rounded macaroni bricks, and of course the Jurassic World Gyrosphere pieces that I used on my Gumball Machine a few years back.

This is my first build that I’m releasing concurrently with downloadable instructions, which you can get below:

Full Photo Album for FLUDD


After looking over my Bowser’s Airship and having fun with the official LEGO set that came out earlier this month, I decided to make a LEGO Bowser to scale with my LEGO Mario figure (which is to scale with the Mario cap). After a few days of work, I’m very pleased with the result, and I hope you are too!

If you’d like to build one for yourself, instructions with stickers are available for download in my shop: LINK!

See the full album on Flickr: LINK

Proto Man

Proto Man is the older “brother” of the titular character of the Mega Man video game series. I’ve always thought he was awesome with his shades, yellow scarf, and general aloofness. I’ve been wanting to create a large version of Proto Man for a while, and drew inspiration from Mike Nieves’ Proto Man and MOKO’s Masked Rider. I hope I honored their builds with this one.

Proto Man stands over 14″ tall.

LEGO Protoman

Arwing Starfighter

LEGO Arwing Starfighter

The SFX Arwing is the signature starfighter from the original Star Fox video game for the Super Nintendo. I think the design of the Arwing has been updated for each subsequent game, but the SFX has hed a special place in my heart since I first played the game during a tournament weekend at Toys R Us back in 1993 and received a lapel pin as a reward for my (less than) stellar flying.

I’ve wanted to make an arwing using the sand blue 3×12 wedge slopes for the g-diffusers since the part first became available in 2004, but only last year got around to buying enough and building the g-diffusers. Once I saw the Furty Fox figure from the Chima line, I knew I had to finish the whole starfighter.

I’m really happy with how the whole thing turned out, especially the whole back end (using the large flags), the point of the nose, and the canopy design (which is borrowed in essence from my V-Wing Airspeeder).

LEGO Arwing Starfighter

Mighty No. 9

Beck (also known as Mighty No. 9) is the main character from the upcoming videogame Mighty No. 9. He’s a spiritual successor to Mega Man, so of course I’m all over this! It’s in the final week of an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign which, now that it’s fully funded, should arrive in 2015. Be sure to donate (the campaign ends October 1st) so we can reach the next stretch goals and make the game better and better!


LEGO Mighty No. 9