Custom Minifigures

I’ve recently ventured into a whole new realm of the multi-faceted LEGO fan universe that I’ve wanted to for quite some time; selling custom designed and printed minifigures. All of these offerings will be available in my store. The first of these will be posted soon, and for more of a personal backstory of this announcement, please read below. 🙂

Why Custom Minifigures?

I love collecting and displaying LEGO minifigures… maybe as much as building with LEGO bricks…

I’ve been collecting minifigs as far as I can remember, but really delving into it when the Star Wars theme began back in 1999. Collecting LEGO Star Wars minifigs took over my desire to collect Kenner/Hasbro Star Wars action figures, and (thankfully) probably prevented me from starting on other collections.

There were a lot of minifigs that I waited for the LEGO group to produce. The longer I waited (20 years now in some cases), the more I realized that there are certain minifigs that the LEGO company will not (or can not) produce, and I’d either have to get used to that, or look at other options. Case in point; we still have yet to receive a Darth Sidious minifigure that’s been promised (at least in artwork, pictured here) dating back to 1999.

There are minifigs from movies, TV shows, video games, etc. that I’d like to own. LEGO Ideas has helped to bring a lot of those to official LEGO minifig form. There are so many custom minifigure outlets that produce amazing work, that it helps to fill in the gaps of what the LEGO group hasn’t made/won’t make.

There are even more figures that I’d like to own that are so unique, or just undesirable to anyone but me, that there’s no way that I could expect to ever see them offered by the LEGO group or a custom outlet.

Jabba’s Palace Luke (left) and Bespin Luke (right)

I also like consistency. So having a collection of, for example, Luke Skywalker minifigs, in every different outfit he wore in the original Star Wars trilogy, is great. But having different styles (naturally styles have changed in the 20 years of designing minifigure prints), from my perspective, serves to highlight the past negatively by showing how much better the current style and quality are. In this picture, Jabba’s Palace Luke has simple printing on his torso only, and has brown eyebrows, while Bespin Luke is highly detailed on his torso and legs, and has dark tan eyebrows. So, consistency fail, in by book. I realized that the only way I could get the consistency I wanted was to design minifigs myself.

I played around with designing a few years back, and really enjoyed it. After delving into collecting custom minifigures and working with several custom outlets to print some bricks/minifigures for myself and for commissions, I’ve decided to venture out into offering some minifigs that I think other people might want to own as well.

The first of these figures will be revealed very soon. I hope you like the selection that I’ll be offering, and consider picking some up for yourself! 🙂