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Toco Toucan

This is the second of three sculptures commissioned by the Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens in Rockford, IL for their Bricktober event. I did a live build of the butterfly Oct 26-27 at the Conservatory.

Like the butterfly, this has an internal steel frame. It bolts into the bottom frame on which the feet rest. The bird is about 31″ from bill to tail.

I really enjoyed working on the legs and feet. Toco toucans have iridescent legs, and I think the mixture of dark grey and sand blue gets the effect across. I don’t get to use sand blue enough, and luckily I was able to build this with the limited palette available.

LEGO Toco Toucan

Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens Live Build Event

I’ll be at the Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens this weekend for a live build event. I’ll be building a LEGO butterfly from 10:00am-3:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

I also built two more sculptures for the Conservatory, which are already on site but will be making their debut here in the next few days.

The Conservatory is located at 1354 N. 2nd St. Rockford, IL 61107. Visit their website for more info and for tickets!