Bruce in The LEGO® Movie

Well, not Bruce, per se, but Bruce’s work…

Bruce in The LEGO® Movie

The LEGO® Movie was released this past Friday, February 7th and I had the pleasure of seeing it on opening night with my wife and some friends. It was nice to see a few of my MOCs made it into the movie!

My donut (and a few others which I didn’t see on-screen) were used on set for a live action scene towards the end of the movie. My taco can be seen being carried by some mini-figures during the Taco Tuesday/TAKOS scene. During the end credits, my hot dog and cow skull can be seen a few times. As one might imagine, it’s pretty cool seeing one’s own work in any movie, but even more so THE LEGO® Movie, which is almost unanimously loved by both critics and viewers! One might even say that everything is AWESOME!

Say what you will, but I think my headshot is what sold the powers that be on my donut:

Brucey Likes Donuts