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Arwing Starfighter

LEGO Arwing Starfighter

The SFX Arwing is the signature starfighter from the original Star Fox video game for the Super Nintendo. I think the design of the Arwing has been updated for each subsequent game, but the SFX has hed a special place in my heart since I first played the game during a tournament weekend at Toys R Us back in 1993 and received a lapel pin as a reward for my (less than) stellar flying.

I’ve wanted to make an arwing using the sand blue 3×12 wedge slopes for the g-diffusers since the part first became available in 2004, but only last year got around to buying enough and building the g-diffusers. Once I saw the Furty Fox figure from the Chima line, I knew I had to finish the whole starfighter.

I’m really happy with how the whole thing turned out, especially the whole back end (using the large flags), the point of the nose, and the canopy design (which is borrowed in essence from my V-Wing Airspeeder).

LEGO Arwing Starfighter