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Hello everyone! I’ve been pretty quiet in the last few months. I just realized my last post on the LEGO Ideas MMPR Project was just over 6 months ago… WOW! Life’s kept me busy–not completely away from LEGO–just away from the internet.

Anyway, here’s my latest: a rathtar from The Force Awakens. I’ve always loved making brick-built Star Wars creatures, and The Force Awakens offers several cool new ones. It was a fun build, and I’ll admit it’s always fun to use the Lowell Sphere as a base for any build but also incorporate different elements like the tentacles. My favorite little feature is that it fits a minifigure!

LEGO Rathtar

LEGO Rathtar

Naboo Starfighter

I built a Naboo Starfighter back in 2003 before cheese and curved slopes were as prevalent as they are today. I think it hold up well a decade later, but I wanted to try my hand at this again. It’s 1:1 scale (one stud equal to one foot) and although most ships in 1:1 can fit a minifig, this definitely will not. Regardless of what you think of the prequels, it’s hard to argue with the Naboo aesthetic and The Phantom Menace‘s prime example of it.

LEGO Naboo Starfighter

Han Shot First

“Going somewhere, Solo?”

LEGO Han Shot First

This Iconic Scene from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was recreated with figures from my birthday set (75052 Mos Eisley Cantina).

The lights used for the window and table were provided by LiteUpBlock. Their new selection of battery and USB powered mini LED lights are amazing, and caused me to finally take a picture of this vignette I’ve had sitting around for five or so years (albeit with the older versions of Han and Greedo).

7140 X-Wing Fighter Display Case

Back in May of 1999 LEGO released its first wave of Star Wars sets, and the 7140 X-Wing Fighter was my favorite of the bunch. The co-branding of LEGO and Star Wars ensured my interest in the LEGO hobby into my adulthood, and these past fifteen years (more than half of my life now!) would not have been the same without it.

To pay homage to this set on its fifteenth anniversary I purchased a sealed copy and rebuilt my original to immortalize both in a display case. Sure, LEGO Star Wars sets nowadays are bigger, better, and the figures are flesh-toned, but the memories I have from 1999 still hold a special place in my heart.

LEGO 7140 X-Wing Display Case