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Boba Fett Bust

I started this bust of Boba Fett, based off the Lowell Sphere, maybe 5 years ago, and kept it as a WIP in my bin of sand green plates. It wasn’t until just yesterday, when I purchased the Brickheadz Boba Fett and was able to use a good amount of the pieces to finish this model to my satisfaction. I’m REALLY happy with it! 🙂

LEGO Boba Fett Bust


Hello everyone! I’ve been pretty quiet in the last few months. I just realized my last post on the LEGO Ideas MMPR Project was just over 6 months ago… WOW! Life’s kept me busy–not completely away from LEGO–just away from the internet.

Anyway, here’s my latest: a rathtar from The Force Awakens. I’ve always loved making brick-built Star Wars creatures, and The Force Awakens offers several cool new ones. It was a fun build, and I’ll admit it’s always fun to use the Lowell Sphere as a base for any build but also incorporate different elements like the tentacles. My favorite little feature is that it fits a minifigure!

LEGO Rathtar

LEGO Rathtar


Oranges are my favorite fruit, and one which I very infrequently partake of. Orange makes everything better: juice, chicken, soap, food fights; you name it!

I’ve had these built for a while, but decided to finally take pictures and post them as an homage to Florida, which will be my home for the next few days as I attend the Emerge Americas Techweek Miami 2014 to work with IBM for some LEGO business.

LEGO Oranges