Han Shot First

“Going somewhere, Solo?”

LEGO Han Shot First

This Iconic Scene from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was recreated with figures from my birthday set (75052 Mos Eisley Cantina).

The lights used for the window and table were provided by LiteUpBlock. Their new selection of battery and USB powered mini LED lights are amazing, and caused me to finally take a picture of this vignette I’ve had sitting around for five or so years (albeit with the older versions of Han and Greedo).

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Han Solo’s DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

The BlasTech Industries DL-44 heavy blaster pistol was Han Solo’s weapon of choice in the original Star Wars trilogy.

LEGO LEGO Han Solo Pistol

LEGO Han Solo Pistol

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Standard Swingline stapler, in LEGO form. An homage to Jimmy’s stapler from last year.

LEGO Stapler

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Mini X-Wing

I originally built this back in 2010 (and posted the picture four years ago yesterday) when the ski poles came out with Series 2 of the LEGO Minifigures. The design has remained the same but I was able to add a few pieces in that weren’t available at the time.

LEGO Mini X-Wing

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Brick Fanatics – Brick Talk Interview

Check out my Brick Talk Interview with Richard at Brick Fanatics, in which we discuss my LEGO hobby in twenty questions.

Brick Talk – Bruce Lowell

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The Art of LEGO Design

Jordan Schwartz’s book The Art of LEGO Design came out back in June. It is filled with some of the best creations by the leading AFOLs in the community including Mike Nieves, Nannan Zhang, Tyler Clites and, of course, Jordan Schwartz. I also happen to have some content in there. This book is great for any new or seasoned builder looking for inspiration or just to pass the time.

The section on Dynamic Sculpting has a nice four page write-up on the Lowell Sphere (pictured above), with instructions and several examples of its application, including my donut, cactus, and Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!

Buy The Art of LEGO Design on Amazon.

The Art of LEGO Design

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Cheese Platter

A cheese platter with grapes is a perfect starter for any event. Considering my great love for all things cheese, my opinion may be a little biased.

LEGO Cheese Platter

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Barbecue Grill

Summer is well underway and, having been using my grill a lot lately, I decided to try building another LEGO grill. Be sure to check out my Weber Barbecue Grill from 2012.

LEGO Barbecue Grill

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Star-Lord Bust

Star-Lord (Peter Quill) is the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, who also happen to have a movie which just opened this weekend. I really like Star-Lord’s mask from the movie so I decided to have a try at it.

LEGO Star-Lord Bust

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Summer is the perfect time for watermelon, whether eating or building. This was a kit I was commissioned to build. Each kit (a single slice) contains 84 pieces.

LEGO Watermelon

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